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 Test Blog Just testing.  This will eventually be my landing page for different blogs and websites.  For now, just making sure everything's set up correctly.  I want to have one live post, so if you're watching (Hi Monique!), you'll see live progress as I figure out what to write on this first page.    Ever since Galaxy Quest played in theaters, it's been an inspiration to me. Crewman 6 was the red-shirt who lived.  He was scripted to be an unimportant character who died to prove the situation was serious (in episode 81).  Yet in the context of the movie, Guy Fleegman became an important member of the team, and a permanent character in the ongoing series.      In one form or another, has been my domain for 20 years. Grace Notes - Southern Styling on a Digital Piano      I used to maintain several blogs, Grace Notes was my labor of love.  Literally, it was my most popular blog, but far too labor-intensive to update as often as it should have bee